6 Things You Didn't Know Your Car Insurance Can Cover

Jan 25, 2017


There are a lot of benefits built into car insurance policies that many people may be unaware of. Always be sure to read your policy closely. You might be surprised to find out what’s covered under it.

Here are 6 unexpected things car insurance policies can cover:

Space Junk
Believe it or not, damages from asteroids, meteors or even orbiting satellites may be covered under your auto policy. Falling objects, even ones from space, are included under comprehensive coverage, so your repairs would be reimbursed, minus your deductible. Comprehensive coverage also pays for theft of your car, as well as for animal collisions, floods and other damage not from car accidents.

Events like riots and protests have become more and more prevalent in the past few years. For those who leave their cars on the street, there’s a huge potential for car damage or even total vehicle loss. Whether a civil protest becomes violent or sports fans lose their cool after a big game, your auto insurance policy may help pay for damage.

Lost Wages
If you are forced to miss work due to injuries caused from a car accident, your car insurance may be able to get some or all of your lost wages back. This coverage is included under a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy, which covers injuries for you and your passengers regardless of whose fault the accident is. PIP is not required in Texas, but must be offered with your car insurance policy. You actually have to sign a waiver stating you do not want this coverage. But consider getting it. It can be a huge benefit in the event of an accident.

Flood Waters
Most people assume that since their homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damages, then an auto policy won’t either. However, comprehensive auto insurance does cover damages from flood waters – minus the cost of your deductible.

Pet Injuries
Pets frequently ride in cars – usually without tiny pet-sized seat belts. Some insurance providers offer pet injury coverage for just this reason. This type of policy can help pay for treatment if your furry friend is hurt while running in your vehicle. Be sure to ask your insurance provider if they offer this type of policy, it may even be included automatically if you opt for collision and comprehensive coverages.

Squirrel Damages

Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks and other pesky rodents are notorious for chewing on electrical wiring inside cars – causing havoc and costly repairs. Did you know that if you have comprehensive coverage in place, your repairs for these damages may be covered? Check the details of your comprehensive coverage, insurance carriers sometimes require vehicles to be stored in There are exceptions, so it’s important to read the fine print; like coverage may not apply if you keep your vehicle parked on the street within easy access of pests.

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