A Helping Hand | The Bastrop County Emergency Food Bank

Aug 29, 2017


Pictured left to right: Nancy Chumley; Ashley Mutschink, Partner at The Nitsche Group; Tammy Dickey; Tresha Silva, Pantry Executive Director; and Tracy Lovelace.

The Bastrop County Emergency Food Bank was presented with a donation from The Nitsche Group August 23 to help fund the pantry’s food assistance program.

A team from The Nitsche Group presented the food bank with $540.00 and 130 pounds of canned and non-perishable goods, on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

The $540 donation was a culmination of $400 from the agency, $100 from Ashley Mutschink, and $40 from the agency’s Bastrop team. This amount will allow the Food Bank the power to purchase an estimated 3,600 lbs. of food from their source with the Central Texas Food Bank.

The donation was in response to a call for help from the Food Pantry.

“We’ve been hit hard with requests for assistance recently,” she said. “My shelves haven’t been this bare in a long time.”

The Bastrop food pantry, the largest distributor of food to low-income families in Bastrop County, distributed more than 30,000 pounds of goods last month — a record high compared to the average monthly distribution of about 20,000 pounds.

“Donations always tend to dip and requests for help always rise in the summer,” said Tresha Silva, Pantry Executive Director. “But we’ve really been challenged in recent months.”

Thankfully, Silva says the Food Pantry hasn’t had to turn anyone away— yet. The organization is asking for help from the public to help meet the need.

How to Donate:
By Phone: 512-303-0033
Online: BastropFoodPantry.Org
In-Person: 806 Fayette St., Bastrop, TX 78602

Monetary donations are tax deductible and allow the Food Pantry to purchase healthful, nutritious foods at a fraction of the cost of foods purchased at local grocery stores.

Donations of non-perishable, canned and dried foods items, cooking oil and hygiene items are always welcome throughout the year and can be dropped off at 806 Fayette St., Bastrop, TX 78602.

The pantry is also grateful of any time and talent that can be volunteered. Your time is valuable to you, priceless to the Food Pantry, and helps conserve financial resources.

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