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For over 70 years, The Nitsche Group has provided top-tier commercial policies to Texas companies. Our team is experienced in serving many types of businesses, so we are certain that we can offer you the same high-quality service for your aviation coverage. No matter what you fly, The Nitsche Group has coverage options to get you safely off the ground. For more information, contact one of our aviation policy specialists today!

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Aviation Coverage

Aviation insurance is written by just a small number of specialty insurers. Don’t chance your coverage to some fly-by-night agency. Get to the coverage you need from trusted insurance advisors. Get in touch today through the form below.

Types of Aviation Businesses

— Public
— Corporations
— Business
— Personal/Recreational
— Instructional
— Aerial application (crop dusting)
— Aerial observation
— Air taxi

Types of Aircraft Owners/Operators

— Industrial Aid Operators are corporate aircraft owners that employ full-time, highly skilled professional pilots.

— Business and Pleasure Operators are entities that own and operate aircraft for both business and pleasure use but do not have professional pilots. In many cases, the insuring firm’s president or a chief executive officer is the principal pilot.

— Flying Clubs are non-profit organizations composed of at least three individuals who jointly own and operate aircraft for pleasure use only.

— Fixed Base Operators are airport-based businesses that own, operate, buy, sell, rent, and lease aircraft. The term also refers to services that provide fueling, repairs, flight instruction, and other aviation services.

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