Getting to know us.

We do things a little differently around here, and have for nearly 70 years. It’s in the way we deliver our service, and how we care for our clients. Where does it all start? Our employees. Because they’re what make our purpose possible.

Meet Cindy, one of our dedicated insurance experts.

Meet Cindy

The first two things you will notice about Cindy is her authentic smile and her East Texas accent.

For nearly 3 decades, she has channeled her electric tenacity into a passion that has driven her career and served her clients well. After 16 years with an East Texas insurance agency, Cindy was recruited to The Nitsche Group. Here she fell in love with the area, the agency, and the people - “It felt like home.” Cindy has since spent over a decade helping lead The Nitsche Group, fostering the agency’s culture, cultivating long lasting carrier relationships and mentoring the next generation of insurance professionals.

Outside of work, Cindy is an avid golfer and beach enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her family and doting on her two precocious, twin grandchildren— Hank and Hallie.

What sets us apart

What you’ll find when you work with The Nitsche Group team: exceptional service
built on tangible values (not a corporate handbook), professional knowledge
honed after decades in the industry and folks that genuinely care about the people they serve.

Genuine Leadership

As the Agency Director of Commercial New Business, Personal Lines & Agribusiness, Cindy motivates and challenges her team to take themselves to the next level while staying true to the unique agency culture that has guided the agency for over seventy years.

Who We Are

We’re not like the big insurance companies you may know. With The Nitsche Group, you get a team of insurance experts dedicated to servicing your account. Beyond finding the plan that fits your unique needs, our team is on your side for any questions or concerns you have. Want to learn more? Drop us a line below.

Our Values

Integrity. Authenticity. Expertise. These are the values we uphold, every day. They’re the foundation our company was built on, shaping how we do business — and why we’re different from the rest. When it comes down to it, our values are the reason why our customers choose us for — and trust us with — their insurance.

To us, business is personal.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch below to find out what The Nitsche Group can do for you.

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