Getting to know us.

We do things a little differently around here, and have for nearly 70 years. It’s in the way we deliver our service, and how we care for our clients. Where does it all start? Our employees. Because they’re what make our purpose possible.

Meet Cole, one of our dedicated insurance experts.

Meet Cole

Cole’s heart has always been in Waco. It’s where he attended Baylor University, marched in the in the Golden Wave Band and met his wife, Lynn— a fellow clarinetist.

Cole graduated from Baylor in 2011 with a degree in Film and Digital Media, and though his focus has since shifted from directing movies to orchestrating insurance policies, his passion for film remains. Cole boasts a movie collection of over 500 blue-rays— including every Disney movie ever released. Yes, even Home on the Range.

Today, Cole and his wife call Waco home together and can be found at nearly every sports event the university hosts. Once in the office, Cole shines as one of our most devoted Account Relationship Managers.

"In 38 years in business, Cole is one of my most favorite people I have ever worked with," Todd Heller, The Nitsche Group Producer. And, we have to agree. Congratulations, Cole, in being our Team Member of the Month!

What sets us apart

What you’ll find when you work with The Nitsche Group team: exceptional service
built on tangible values (not a corporate handbook), professional knowledge
honed after decades in the industry and folks that genuinely care about the people they serve.

Our Values

Integrity. Authenticity. Expertise. These are the values we uphold, every day. They’re the foundation our company was built on, shaping how we do business — and why we’re different from the rest. When it comes down to it, our values are the reason why our customers choose us for — and trust us with — their insurance.

All Around Awesome

"He's loyal, respectful, punctual, efficient, time oriented, detailed, polite, and well respected. Cole is one of the best employees I have run across in my 38 years in the business," Todd Heller, The Nitsche Group Producer.

Who is The Nitsche Group

We’re not like the big insurance companies you may know. With The Nitsche Group, you get a team of insurance experts dedicated to servicing your account. Beyond finding the plan that fits your unique needs, our team is on your side for any questions or concerns you have. Want to learn more? Drop us a line below.

To us, business is personal.

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