Getting to know us

We do things a little differently around here, and have for nearly 70 years. It’s in the way we deliver our service, and how we care for our clients. Where does it all start? Our employees. Because they’re what make our purpose possible.

Meet Erma, one of our dedicated insurance experts.

Meet Erma

Erma radiates a warm joy that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Her vibrant spirit and contagious smile are the first things to greet guests at The Nitsche Group’s home office in Giddings, Texas.

Erma was raised in Giddings at the center of a close-knit family. Growing up she had a passion for singing and a love for music that can still be seen today if you catch her singing along at her desk to “Rolling with the flow” by Charlie Rich or anything by George Strait. There, behind her desk surrounded by photos of her three children, Erma works her magic as the welcoming face and voice of the agency. So stop by and say hello. She’ll have a smile waiting.

Our employees are what make us different. We believe in working with the best clients, the best carriers and of course, hiring the best employees. Today, we celebrate Erma.

What sets us apart

What you’ll find when you work with The Nitsche Group team: exceptional service
built on tangible values (not a corporate handbook), professional knowledge
honed after decades in the industry and folks that genuinely care about the people they serve.

Our Values

Integrity. Authenticity. Expertise. These are the values we uphold, every day. They’re the foundation our company was built on, shaping how we do business — and why we’re different from the rest. When it comes down to it, our values are the reason why our customers choose us for — and trust us with — their insurance.

Sunshine & Service

"She is a ray of sunshine!
She always has the biggest smile on her face and is always willing to jump in and help no matter how big the task. She brightens my day whenever I see her!"

Who is The Nitsche Group

We’re not like the big insurance companies you may know. With The Nitsche Group, you get a team of insurance experts dedicated to servicing your account. Beyond finding the plan that fits your unique needs, our team is on your side for any questions or concerns you have. Want to learn more? Drop us a line below.

To us, business is personal.

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