Fourth of July Safety Tips

Jun 1, 2018



On average, 240 people go to the emergency room each day with fireworks-related injuries leading up to Independence Day, and more than 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks annually.

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public event. These events will be hosted by professional trained firework handlers.

But, if you are planning to celebrate at home this year, be sure to do so safely:–  Never give fireworks to small children. Many of us don’t realize that even sparklers can reach up to 2,000°F.

–  Follow all instructions on packages, and never open your fireworks.
–  Only use legal, sanctioned fireworks in permitted areas. (Be sure to check your local ordinances).
–  Keep a supply of water or fire extinguisher nearby as a precaution.
–  Don’t throw or point fireworks at people, animals, cars, homes or flammable material.
–  Fireworks are illegal on public land, including national forests and camp sites.


Celebrate responsibly. Every year people are injured and killed during holiday festivities.

–  Drink responsibly! The Fourth of July is one of the deadliest days on U.S. roadways due to Drunk Driving.
–  If you’re celebrating with a strong drink, stay put or have a designated driver.
–  If you’re preparing your holiday feast on the grill, be sure to keep an eye on it. Once lit, never leave a grill unattended. Also, make sure kids and pets keep a safe distance.
–  Keep the grill away from flammable objects like your home, deck, tree branches and other things that can catch fire.
–  Even if raining, never use a gas or charcoal grill indoors, in a camper, or in a tent.


Be sure to keep an eye on your local weather forecast before kicking off any fireworks displays.

–  Always review the weather forecast. Cancel or postpone plans if the outlook is bad.
–  Know your surroundings and identify the closest safe shelter and how to get there, just in case.
–  If you hear thunder, seek shelter. Lightning can strike miles away from a storm.
–  Be aware of recent rainfall. If conditions are too dry, do not set off fireworks. Wild fires happen fast, and spread faster.
–  Know which direction the wind is blowing so you don’t spray sparks on flammable materials or personal property.


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