Hurricane Preparedness & Safety Guide

Aug 24, 2017


Hurricane Harvey is forecast to make landfall late Friday night or early Saturday morning as a major hurricane, possibly a Category 3 or higher. With winds upwards of 115 mph and rain in excess of 20 inches in some areas, Harvey is expected to bring life-threatening flooding and dangerous storm surge through next Wednesday.

To help Texans prepare, we’ve assembled a Hurricane Preparedness & Safety Guide to help keep your family safe and home protected.


Be Informed
— Pay close attention to local weather watches, warnings and evacuations. If you are ordered to evacuate, do so immediately.
— Review your insurance policies to understand what coverage you have available. Please note that once a storm is upon you, it’s too late to add or change coverage. For help, check out our comprehensive Hurricane Insurance Guide.

Have a Plan
— Identify a “safe room” in your home like a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level.
— Have a pre-planned evacuation destination along with a physical road map and evacuation routes.
— Keep a flashlight, battery-operated radio, fresh batteries and fire extinguisher handy.
— Charge cell phones and portable power banks, and have a car charger on hand.

Property Prep
— Turn off propane tanks and unplug unnecessary or sensitive electronics.
— Reinforce your roof, shutters, doors and garage door(s).
— Bring in outdoor objects and anchor things that can’t be brought inside.
— Trim all trees and shrubs to make them more wind resistant and less likely to be uprooted.
— Refuel vehicles and ensure they are in good working condition.
— Moor your boat.

— Stock at least 1 gallon of drinking water per person per day.
— Fill bathtubs and other large containers with safe-drinking water in the event you don’t have access to it.
— Stock a minimum 3-day supply of ready-to-eat canned or packaged food and a manual can opener.
— Make sure you have at least a 2-week supply of prescription medications and first aid essentials.
— Stock up on extra pet supplies. Prepare carrier for pets in case of emergency. Make plans for pets to stay at a veterinary clinic, kennel or other appropriate facility.
— Withdraw cash to last for several days.

Important Documents
— Have a printed list of emergency telephone numbers readily available. Remember, numbers stored on your phone or online are only good as long as you have power and service.
— Gather important documents like insurance papers, medical records, emergency phone numbers, and irreplaceable family photos; store them in portable waterproof containers.


— Pay close attention to local weather advisories and evacuations. If advised, turn off utilities and follow evacuation instructions.
— Stay away from doors and windows. Take refuge in your safe room.
— Avoid using your phone, except during emergencies.


— Continue to pay close attention to local weather stations for advisories and updates.
— Return to your home or venture outdoors only after local officials tell you it is safe to do so.
— Inspect your home for damage. Take pictures of the damage for insurance purposes. If it is unsafe or badly damaged, locate other accommodations.
— Beware of fallen power lines. Keep at least 30 feet away and report them immediately. Although electricity may be out, power can be restored at any time.
— If you require a generator, do not run it from inside your home, in an enclosed space, or near windows as carbon monoxide can accumulate dangerously.
— Pay attention to boil water advisories. Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are certain it is not contaminated.


As an insurance provider, we know the impact adverse conditions and weather events can have. Being prepared and informed helps you protect what matters most.

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