9 Tips For a Spooky Safe Halloween

Oct 26, 2016

Halloween Safety Insurance Tips

Handing out candy and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood is a deep rooted tradition. It’s a night of fun, excitement, and adventure.

Unfortunately, it’s also a night that sees a spike in accidents and insurance claims. If you plan to celebrate this year, make sure to do some quick prep work to make sure your Halloween is a safe and spooktacular success.

Here’s how you can avoid the most common Halloween Homeowner Nightmares.

Clear a Path Where Trick-or-Treaters May Walk

Sugared-up kiddos don’t always use sidewalks. Kids often cut through backyards, driveways, and along the sides of homes.

Do a quick inspection of your property for possible hazards. Walking across your property will help you identify and reduce possible dangers, especially those difficult to see after dark. For example, check to make sure temporary extension cords are secured to avoid becoming a tripping hazard, clear away lawn ornaments, gardening equipment, toys, etc.

Put Away Personal Items to Limit Losses

Check the areas where people will be walking. Is there anything near-by that is easily breakable? Unfortunately, things can happen and sometimes items on your porch or patio can end up broken by an over-eager child rushing to score more candy.

Make Sure Your Property is Well-Lit

Leaving a porch light on is about more than just making sure trick-or-treaters know you are ready to hand out candy. By illuminating the front of your home, you can help ensure everyone is safe while walking up to your door. In addition, having a well-lit home helps excited little ones avoid becoming injured on driveway cracks, raised bricks, and other hazards.

By making sure your yards, walkway and entry way are well lit, you can help significantly reduce the possibility of trips and falls by those unfamiliar with your property.

Keep Your Pets In Mind

For the safety of your pets and your guests, keep dogs and cats away from the front porch or areas where doors may be left open. Many dogs and cats can become spooked by having so many new (and scary looking) people around. By keeping them away from doors, you can ensure they don’t accidentally bite or scratch visitors, or try to bolt out an open door.

Avoid Fire Hazards

The rate of open-flame fires more than doubles during Halloween – largely due to the increased use of candles as decoration. Avoid fire damage claims by using a battery-powered alternatives and light sticks instead of flame candles.

Say No to Open Flames

If you do use flame candles, never leave them unattended. Keep outdoor candles & jack-o-lanterns away from the path of trick-or-treaters as costumes can be extremely flammable.  While candles and luminaries set the spooky mood on Halloween, they can easily be overturned and result in homeowners insurance claims for fire damage along with nightmarish injuries for guests.

Be sure to keep any candle decorations out of the reach of your guests, away from flammable items like curtains, and keep a close eye on them while they’re lit.

Think Before You Serve Guests

You are responsible for the safety of guests who will visit your home this Halloween.  Offer only commercially-packaged treats to trick-or-treaters.

You are also responsible for alcoholic beverages at served on your property. Make sure those enjoying alcoholic “spirits” are of age, and have sober designated drivers lined-up.

Don’t be Frightened by The Risks

Don’t let the dangers ruin a wonderful night. Give yourself peace of mind and speak with your insurance agent to make sure you are properly covered.

Consider an umbrella policy that could provide extra protection in case of an accident.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions you take and how prepare you are — accidents do happen. It’s important to make sure you have the right amount of homeowners insurance coverage.

Contact us today to learn more about your coverage options and make sure your Halloween is set for spooky success.



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