Spring Break Tips For College Students

Mar 9, 2017


Spring Break Trip Tips

Spring break is a time for students to kick back and shrug off the stresses of research papers, speeches, deadlines and midterms. While everyone should enjoy their time off, make sure your Spring Break isn’t ruined by an accident or loss.

Here are some easy tips to help protect yourself and your belongings (like electronics and jewelry) while off campus and/or away from home during spring break.

Are You Covered?

If your Spring Break plans include leaving your area of residence, be sure to check your coverage with your insurance provider. Some insurance plans have limitations on where coverage is available geographically.

Health Insurance Limitations

Your Health Insurance, for example, may not extend to your destination. If you get sick while away, you maybe stuck paying out-of-network costs. And if you plan to travel outside the country – to Mexico or Canada, for example – your medical insurance will likely not cover any part of your bill. So, you’ll be stuck paying for the full cost of your medical expenses. A single trip to the emergency room for stitches from horse-playing on the beach could cost you more than your semester of school.

How Alcohol can Affect Your Coverage

If you are of legal drinking age and plan to enjoy a few while on Spring Break, keep in mind the affect it could have if you need to make an insurance claim.

Most insurance policies, including travel coverage, have exclusions for incidents that occur while the insured is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Protect Your Belongings

If you don’t already have an insurance policy that provides coverage for your belongings while away, be sure to get in touch with an insurance agent before heading out. You’d be surprised how inexpensive this type of coverage can be.

Get Coverage Specifics

Be sure to ask specific questions about situations you may find yourself in during spring break like if your policy covers: spilling alcohol on electronics, dropping your laptop on a sidewalk, having something stolen from your hotel room or accidentally dropping a cell phone in a pool. Asking these quick questions can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels!

Have Renters Insurance, Will Travel

Did your university or apartment complex require you to purchase renters insurance? If they did, and you have a policy currently in play, Good News! Your belongings may already be covered for your trip!

Find out all the ways renters insurance has your back while you travel! Renters Insurance is one of the most affordable types of policies available. Some carriers even provide it free when you bundle with another line of coverage, like auto insurance!

Theft Coverage

Theft is a common worry when traveling, and renters insurance with replacement cost can help you replace your belongings for their true value. Be sure to check your plan for any out-of-residence limitations before you leave, many plans cover up to 10% of your limits for items facing losses outside the residence.

Be Safe – Never Travel Alone

While it’s important to make sure your belongings are safe, the most important thing to keep in mind is your own personal safety.

Do a little research before heading off. Make sure you destination is safe, and try to book a hotel with good ratings in a good part of the area you’re visiting. Most importantly, don’t travel alone. Whether you’re going with friends, family or just another student from class, make sure you have someone along for the fun when you head out on Spring Break.

Your Coverage Doesn’t Extend to Other People

While traveling with someone else, keep in mind that your insurance policy doesn’t protect them or their belongings. So if your roommate lands in the hospital from their own actions, or breaks their laptop in your shared hotel room, your policy won’t provide coverage to them.

Only liability coverage extends to other people, but only when you are responsible for injuring or damaging them or their property, and only under the terms laid out in your policy.

Party in the U.S.A.?

If you’re heading out of the country for Spring Break, plan ahead. Register with the U.S. embassy or consulate through the State Department so there is record of where you are in case an emergency comes up. Registration only takes a few minutes at TravelRegistration.State.Gov. Also be sure to check-in with someone back home on a regular basis to let them know that you’re OK.


Spring Break is a great time to cut loose and have fun. Just make sure you have your bases covered before heading out.

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