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Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two from growing alongside our clients. Whether it’s working with a commercial farm or a family in town, we’ve developed a lot of knowledge over our 65-year history. The Nitsche Blog is where you’ll find that expertise and more, shared through articles and stories from the Nitsche family.

Deer Collisions & Your Car Insurance

Each fall there is a spike in deer activity along roadways and consequently a spike in auto claims. In Texas, drivers have a 1 in 288 chance of colliding with a deer. Thanks to fall migration and mating seasons, deer-vs-vehicle collisions are most common October through December, with November being the most dangerous. The number […]

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Things Every Texan Should Do This Fall

Catch a Football Game & Tailgate The game is much more than a sport here – it’s a culture and is full of tradition. Every weekend this fall, from Thursday through Sunday, there are high school, college and professional football games taking place across the Lone Star State. Get out there and enjoy it – […]

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10 Things Every Homeowner Should Do This Fall

There’s more to preparing for fall than getting out the rakes and prepping for the tailgate. Don’t get stuck doing maintenance after the first freeze. Fall & Spring are the best times to do quick inspections & service to your property. Because honestly, who wants to inspect their HVAC system when it’s 110° or 32° […]

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Flood Recovery: Where to Start

As flood waters begin to recede, anxious Texans are gradually being allowed to return to their homes. Many residents are getting their first glimpse the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. With such devastation, rebuilding can seem like an impossible task. We hope these tips can aide those affected as well as those volunteering to help […]

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