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Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two from growing alongside our clients. Whether it’s working with a commercial farm or a family in town, we’ve developed a lot of knowledge over our 65-year history. The Nitsche Blog is where you’ll find that expertise and more, shared through articles and stories from the Nitsche family.

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat this Summer With 100° days already here, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather and how it affects your health. Understanding High Temps: Given the extreme heat experienced in Texas, heat stress and illness an happen quickly. It’s important to remember that heat-related deaths are not limited to days of […]

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What Every Graduate Should Know About Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve made it. You are officially a graduate! You are taking the first steps into the real world. With all the uncertainties that come along with graduating, it is important to make sure that you protect yourself and your assets with the right insurance policies. Insurance is a contractual agreement, and in exchange for […]

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Understanding Coastal Insurance

What Qualifies as a “Coastal Property?” In Texas, our coast is designated into tiers by TDI (Texas Department of Insurance). Check our county map to see if your area falls with within the Coastal Category. What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? A Homeowners Insurance Policy can cover damage caused by such perils as fire, lightning, and vandalism– […]

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Severe Weather Preparation

While we can’t predict when the next bout of severe weather may strike, we can take steps to be prepared. Prepare An Emergency Kit Do a little research and find out the specific types of hazardous weather that affect the area you live in, and create an emergency kit with these weather threats in mind. […]

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