Understanding Coastal Insurance

Apr 26, 2018

What Qualifies as a “Coastal Property?”

In Texas, our coast is designated into tiers by TDI (Texas Department of Insurance). Check our county map to see if your area falls with within the Coastal Category.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

A Homeowners Insurance Policy can cover damage caused by such perils as fire, lightning, and vandalism– with more policies and endorsements available to cover additional perils.

Our Difference

Unlike other agencies, we combine your homeowners, hurricane and wind coverage into a single policy. We also offer flood coverage to better protect your property.

So, you have one point of contact for all your coverage needs. We also service your account, reducing the run-around if a claim occurs.

Risks to Coastal Properties

When imaging coastal risk, most people immediately think of flooding from the ocean.

Unfortunately, Homeowners insurance does not cover loss by flooding—and that’s not all. Coastal homes are also in danger of coverage exclusions for other events like high wind and hail.


Damage resulting from wind or hurricanes will have their own deductible separate from your typical homeowners policy and will typically be a percentage based deductible.


We offer flood coverage to compliment our coastal homeowners insurance policies— meaning all your policies are serviced by a dedicated team with The Nitsche Group.

We believe that the insurance for your coastal home is incomplete unless you have flood insurance in addition to your homeowners insurance. To protect yourself from losses caused by most flooding, you should supplement your homeowners insurance with purchase a flood policy.

When should I get a policy?

As soon as possible. If you live in a coastal county, you should have a standing policy in place. Once a storm begins brewing, it’s too late. When a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico (80 degrees longitude and 20 degrees latitude), you can no longer change or purchase new coverage.

Preparing Your Coastal Property

Texas ranks near the top of the nation in weather-related property damage each year. Make sure your coastal property is ready. Get in touch with one of our insurance experts today.

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