Have Renters Insurance, Will Travel

Nov 17, 2016


Have Renters Insurance, Will Travel

Renters Insurance is one of those things that you probably only purchased because your Landlord made you. However, if you have a sense for adventure and an appetite for travel, like Abby & Alex, you should know how your renters policy can work for you while you’re out seeing the world.

Coverage, No Matter Where You Roam

Few people know that Renters Coverage actually protects you and your property no matter where you are.

Generally this applies to anywhere in the world, whether your travels take you to Chicago, Bangkok, Cancun, or Bali. Though, you should always contact your insurance agent prior to leaving to check your policy for exact phrasing and limitations.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

For many people, the most important part of renters insurance is the coverage it offers to personal property (the things you own).

So, say your plane just landed at your dream destination. You’re lost in your own world and are too busy taking pictures and planning your day to realize someone has stolen your suitcase – along with everything you’ve brought with you. If you have a renters policy in place, your belongings would be covered for the cost of replacement. Meaning, you can stop worrying about how you’re going to replace that brand-new laptop you had in your suitcase, and get back to enjoying your trip.

Personal Property Left At Home While You’re Traveling

Renters insurance travels with your property wherever it goes, even if it stays put while you take out on a road trip.

Say you’re sight-seeing the Grand Canyon and a thief breaks into your home back in Central Texas. Your Renters Insurance doesn’t stop just because you aren’t around. Your personal belongings are insured as long as your policy is in place. Your Renters Insurance policy would kick-in and cover your property loss from the burglary.

Renters Coverage Limitations – “Vacant Property”

A “Vacant Property” is one that has been left unoccupied for 30-60 days as stated in your policy. If your property doesn’t have one occupant stay overnight within that time-frame the policy becomes void and will not provide coverage. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to avoid this. If you plan to take an extended vacation, make sure to get someone to take care of your place. Having a friend, family member or hired house sitter stay overnight at your place at least once a month will keep your policy from becoming void.

What Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Renters insurance does not cover damages to the rental unit itself, no matter if you’re at home when the incident occurs or half-way around the world. Any damage to the rental unit itself falls to your landlord’s policy.

Your renters policy also does not extend to any roommates you’re living with. Anyone not related to you must purchase their own policy in order to be covered.

How to get Coverage

Renters Insurance is one of the most affordable types of policies available. Some carriers even provide it free when you bundle with another line of coverage, like auto insurance.

Before you hit the road or board that flight, make sure you’re protected at home and while you travel. Contact us with the form below and get in touch with a Renters Insurance Expert today.

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