Since 1949, The Nitsche Group has been in the business of protecting Texas farmers and ranchers with our agricultural insurance policies. We understand working in agriculture isn’t as easy as kicking up your boots on a porch or leaning against a fence and watching the sunset.

We know the hard work involved and the associated risks of the agriculture industry. And with peace of mind from insurance that fits your business, we help you spend more time focusing on the finer things like sunsets after a hard day’s work. Learn more about coverage from The Nitsche Group today!

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Exceptional Insurance Policies for Texas Agribusiness

Our insurance agents understand that farmers and ranchers have very different needs from other businesses and homeowners. Every farm and ranch is unique, and each comes with its own particular challenges and risks.

Whether you own or rent property, run a small or larger operation, raise livestock or grow crops, The Nitsche Group has an insurance policy for your needs.  For more information, talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals today and we will create a policy specifically tailored to you.

Agribusiness Coverage in Texas

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all insurance policies, especially when it applies to your agricultural business. Some of the factors that will determine your insurance needs include:

  • The size of your agribusiness
  • If you raise livestock
  • Type and amount of crops grown and produced
  • How products are distributed
  • Number of employees that run your operation

Texans Insuring Texans

As a local Texas company that has been around for 71 years, we’re in the business of providing optimal coverage for your agribusiness and beyond. Our team of agents help match policies for select mid to large-market commercial agribusinesses across the state of Texas.

Our coverage includes property and casualty insurance in addition to employee benefits for those who help your business succeed. For more information on the specific coverage we provide and the different clients we have served, call one of our agribusiness insurance agents today.

Offices Across the Lone Star State

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Stop by anytime to say “hello” or to speak with one of our team members about finding an insurance solution for your needs. We are always happy to chat.  To speak to an insurance professional in your area or to get a quote for your commercial or personal insurance needs, give us a call.


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