Personal Umbrella

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Personal Umbrella

Umbrella insurance protects you from life’s unfavorable weather and unexpected seasons.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance Policies & Coverage

A Texas umbrella insurance policy gives additional financial security when life’s unexpected events occur by filling in the gaps that homeowners and auto insurance policies fail to cover. Essentially, umbrella liability insurance is additional protection when general liability insurance is not sufficient coverage for extenuating circumstances and situations. Coverage can include legal defense that standard liability policies could deny. Additionally, the expanded coverage can involve specific items such as personal life activities. Don’t allow a lawsuit to ruin your entire life’s savings and hard work. Speak to one of our representatives and receive a personal umbrella insurance quote.

Personal Umbrella FAQ

Who Benefits From Texas Personal Umbrella Coverage?

With personal injury lawsuits at an all-time high, a personal umbrella policy is recommended for Texans with higher liability risk, assets to protect, high-income earnings,  individuals receiving an inheritance, etc. Extended coverage can protect your financial security and substantial assets including home, vehicles, savings accounts, retirement funds, and college accounts. A low fee paid each year can protect individuals from the potential loss of assets from liability lawsuits. In most cases, general liability protection from home or auto policies is typically insufficient coverage. Don’t wait for potential disaster to strike, be prepared. Umbrella policy supplementation can protect you from life’s “what-ifs.”

What Does Texas Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Umbrella policies can provide additional coverage to your existing policy. Some of the umbrella policy coverage can extend to certain items such as false arrest, libel, invasion of privacy, or slander. It can also cover attorney fees in case of a personal liability lawsuit, provide higher coverage limits, ultimately reducing potential liability exposures.

Cost of Personal Umbrella Insurance in The State of Texas

Standard umbrella policies are typically issued in million-dollar increments, with an estimated cost of two to four hundred dollars each year. The average suburban family living in Round Rock or the Houston area may only purchase enough to cover their home, retirement, or account savings. A typical policy will depend on the type of coverage and limits selected for your needs.