Customized Insurance Policies to Protect Your Texas Business

When considering a business owner’s policy, Texas business owners should consider coverage for a wide range of work-related incidents. Potential property damage, illness, and injury are some of the possible risks that may occur when owning your own business. In 2018 The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 214,000 non-fatal injuries took place in Texas, with 83% occurring within private businesses. The commercial policy experts at The Nitsche Group have over 70 years of experience writing custom business insurance policies. Whether you are in need of general liability coverage, worker’s compensation, or BOP, we are here to help you. 

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The Nitsche Group Offers A Variety of Texas Business Insurance Policies

  • General Liability

    This type of insurance will protect Texas small businesses from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and other liabilities related to your business sector. If you provide direct service to your clients, you may consider having professional liability insurance. 

  • Workers’ Compensation

    While the state of Texas does not explicitly require workers’ comp, it should still be a priority for your employees and business. This type of coverage includes any incurred costs from employees who have been injured on the job. Benefits associated with workers comp include medical coverage, wages from lost work hours, and more! 

  • Commercial Auto

    If your business requires vehicles for operation, this insurance coverage is an absolute necessity. Commercial auto provides liability and coverage for all work vehicles and trailers not included in a personal policy.

  • Business Owners Policy

    BOP is a blend of both property and liability coverage into a single policy. These policies are ideal for Texas businesses who either own or rent property like an office building, warehouse, or traditional brick and mortar. You should consider a business owner’s policy if your business could be sued or you have assets that could be damaged or stolen. 

  • Property Insurance

    Property coverage for your commercial space helps protect your business from unforeseeable circumstances such as a fire, natural disaster, or theft. Coverage in Texas may also include protection for accounts receivable or lost income due to extenuating circumstances that may put your business operation to a halt.

Texas Business Insurance FAQs

What is The Cost of Business Insurance in Texas?

The cost of commercial coverage in Texas will vary from business to business. Every company has its own associated risks depending upon its particular industry. High-risk businesses will typically need more specialized coverage which will naturally be more expensive. Some other factors that will determine the cost of your policy will include the size of your business, where it is located, and the coverage needs you to require. To get a rate, contact our business insurance experts at 979-542-3666.

What are Business Insurance Requirements in Texas?

Texas is one of the only states that doesn’t require private businesses to offer workers’ compensation. However, businesses that have a contract with a government entity are required to provide workers’ compensation for each employee until the contract is completed. By choosing to offer workers compensation or other business liability coverage your company is left vulnerable to potential lawsuits down the line.

Why Choose The Nitsche Group for Your Texas Insurance Needs?

Since 1949, The Nitsche Group has provided a variety of commercial insurance policies for thousands of Texas businesses. Not only do we have commercial experts for niche industries we have the years of experience and an extensive resume of clients to prove it. Whether your business is in Houston or Austin, Waco or Giddings, we have commercial specialists in your area to write you a custom policy.

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