Transportation & Logistics Commercial Insurance (Texas)

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Transportation & Logistics Commercial Insurance in Texas

The Nitsche Group understands the need to protect your business and the employees who help it succeed. We’re in the business of helping businesses.

It’s extremely important to know what type of insurance you need, whether you’re a trucking company, logistics company, or some other type of transportation business. Understanding what is required can be stressful and challenging. You don’t want to try to figure this out when you are out on the road or constantly answering phone calls as a dispatcher. We can help assess your needs to determine how to keep you moving forward without worry.

At The Nitsche Group, we provide a high level of customer service that our customers that offer transportation services can count on. Our top priority is to customize your insurance program to protect your risk. Our team is licensed and experienced. As an independent insurance agency our advantage as a company is our presence in the insurance marketplace, having access to many competitive insurers, not just one.

Our team is licensed and experienced. Our top priority is to customize your insurance program to protect your risk. Our advantage as a leading independent agency in Texas is that we offer access to many competitive insurance providers and coverage programs, not just one.

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Umbrella Insurance Provides Additional Coverage

Like personal umbrella insurance, business umbrella policies can help cover potential disasters or catastrophes that may leave your company in financial ruin. Commercial umbrella insurance extends beyond your current general liability coverage, as most policies are inadequate in the case of large losses. It can provide coverage against bodily injury or property damage the business could be held legally liable for. Having a reliable personal or commercial umbrella insurance policy provider can make the difference between having suitable liability coverage or facing a lawsuit. The Nitsche Group has provided thousands of umbrella policies for Texas residents and commercial businesses for over 70 years. Learn how umbrella policies protect your assets and how reliable coverage from a trusted agency provides peace of mind.

What customers say about The Nitsche Group

Why do trucking companies and logistics companies do business with The Nitsche Group?

“We choose to partner with TNG for our insurance because of our relationship with our agents & the agency. We need people that we can trust to answer the phone when we need them who won’t make us feel neglected when another big trucking account comes along or they get busy.”

Trucking Insurance Customer

With TNG for 6-Years

How is The Nitsche Group different from competitors?

“The Nitsche Group has years of knowledge, personalized customer service, and specialized departments like the claims and audit. They are always available and willing to help whenever we need it.”

TNG Client

Client for 3-Years

What does The Nitsche Group do to win customers’ business?

“Instead of avoiding the difficult decisions and hard conversations, my agents always strive to get ahead of any issues and make sure that we work through them together.”

Nitsche Group Family

Part of TNG Family for 2-Years

Our clients:

  • Trucking for Hire – Long or Short Haul – flatbeds, dry vans, reefers
  • Hot Shots
  • Dump Trucks for Hire – Dirt, Sand, Gravel
  • Redi-Mix
  • Log Trucks
  • Environmental/Energy/Oil & Gas Related Trucking – HazMat
  • Bulk Liquids – tankers
  • Waste/Garbage
  • Public or Private Livery/Non-Emergency Transport
  • Trucking Brokers
  • Truck Rental/Leasing

Other Business Insurance Coverages

General Liability

General liability insurance (GL), also referred to as “business liability insurance,” is coverage that can offer protection from a variety of claims including property damage, personal injury, bodily injury, and others incidents that can arise from business operations.

Business Owners Policy

Includes General Liability coverage and adds coverage for a variety of risks to your business’ commercial building and personal property.

Workers’ Compensation

Covers medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes injured or ill on the job. Can also protect your business from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that can cause injury or illness.