Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Learn Why Thousands Trust Us With Their Commercial Umbrella Policies

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Established in 1949, The Nitsche Group has provided businesses with insurance packages. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are focused on client satisfaction above all else. We make sure that our personal and commercial umbrella policies are top-notch. Find out more about how The Nitsche Group can set your business up with commercial umbrella insurance.

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Umbrella Insurance Provides Additional Coverage

Like personal umbrella insurance, business umbrella policies can help cover potential disasters or catastrophes that may leave your company in financial ruin. Commercial umbrella insurance extends beyond your current general liability coverage, as most policies are inadequate in the case of large losses. It can provide coverage against bodily injury or property damage the business could be held legally liable for. Having a reliable personal or commercial umbrella insurance policy provider can make the difference between having suitable liability coverage or facing a lawsuit. The Nitsche Group has provided thousands of umbrella policies for Texas residents and commercial businesses for over 70 years. Learn how umbrella policies protect your assets and how reliable coverage from a trusted agency provides peace of mind.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Gives You Extra Protection

Commercial Umbrella policies can help ensure that none of your insurance needs fall through the cracks. The extra protection these policies provide allows for other policies – such as General LiabilityCommercial Auto, or Employer’s Liability – to expand. Texas Commercial Umbrella insurance should be seen as a necessary and helpful counterpart to other liability coverages. This type of policy is able to “take over” when other liability policies you may have become more limited.

Who Needs Commercial Umbrella Insurance and What Does It Cover?

A Texas commercial umbrella policy is beneficial to all business owners. No matter how effective your other liability policies are, they have limitations. Without an umbrella policy for your business, you will be charged for services that are more costly than your current coverage limits. These out of pocket costs include damage expenses, legal fees and medical bills. A commercial umbrella policy can help you cover potential risks that your other policies don’t cover.