Commercial Umbrella Insurance

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Can Offer Extra Protection

Texas Commercial Umbrella insurance should be seen as a necessary and helpful counterpart to other liability coverages. Commercial umbrella insurance can provide an extra layer of liability protection by covering costs that go beyond the coverage limits of other liability policies you may have– such as General Liability, Commercial Auto, or Employer’s Liability.


Who Needs Commercial Umbrella Insurance and What Can It Cover?

A Texas commercial umbrella policy is beneficial to all business owners. No matter how effective your other liability policies are, they have limitations. Without an umbrella policy for your business, you will be charged for services that are more costly than your current coverage limits. These out of pocket costs include damage expenses, legal fees and medical bills. A commercial umbrella policy can help you cover potential risks that your other policies don’t cover.

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Umbrella Insurance Provides Additional Coverage

Like personal umbrella insurance, business umbrella policies can help cover potential disasters or catastrophes that may leave your company in financial ruin. Commercial umbrella insurance extends beyond your current general liability coverage, as most policies are inadequate in the case of large losses.

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