7 Targets for Summer Thieves

May 11, 2017

As temperatures rise each summer and people head out doors to enjoy the season, thieves take the opportunity to make a quick buck off your property.

Here is a list of the top stolen items during the summer months and what you can do to protect them.

Target: AC Unit

Thieves looking for scrap metal often target AC units because many have copper coils and other metal piping that’s worth a lot of money.

Defense: You should install bright, motion-activated security lighting near your outdoor AC unit.

Target: Vehicles

According to several published reports, most experienced car thieves can steal your car in 10 seconds or less. Breaking into your car to steal valuables might take as long as 20 seconds.

Defense: Never leave loose items on the seats or dashboard, for example, your toll both pass, electronic door opener or parking garage access. Lock them in the glove box or trunk, or take them with you. If you have a garage at home, use it for as many cars as you can. If you have more cars than garage space, park the most valuable ones in the garage and use the others to block access.

If you must park on the street, install a loud alarm system with a visible, blinking dash light. You might also consider one of several anti-theft devices, for example, something that locks the steering wheel or disables the ignition.

Target: Pool Pumps

Pool equipment theft — and resale — are increasingly common problems in today’s tight economy.

Defense: Your pool area should be fenced off and locked, to protect against thieves, vandals, uninvited “guests” and liability. If you can’t remove your pool pump and store it inside, make sure it’s in an area covered by bright, motion-activated security lighting ― even if you have the pump behind locked doors.

Target: Vacation Homes & Properties

Vandals and thieves who are interested in scrap metal and vandals love empty houses and vacation homes that are only used on weekends or at certain times of the year.

Defense: Keep vacant home doors and windows securely locked. Put interior lights on staggered timers and install motion-activated exterior lights. Consider video cameras that you can monitor from your home computer or smartphone.

Target: Sheds & Garages

Reselling stolen tools and lawn equipment can be a lucrative trade for the right theif.

Defense: Make sure your shed and garage doors are locked at all times ― especially if you’re working in the back yard and can’t monitor them. Always put your tools up when you’re finished using them, don’t just leave valuable tools or equipment outside.

Target: Sports Equipment

Often, kayakers, surfers and water skiiers leave their equipment outside to dry off after a session on the water, making the equipment attractive to thieves.

Defense: Secure sporting goods inside your home, if you can. Keep sporting goods in heavy-duty, locked bins inside a locked garage or shed if you can’t get them inside the house.

Target: Bicycles

A thin bike chain or wheel lock won’t deter many thieves. Some will unbolt a chained wheel and carry away the rest of the bike.

Defense: If you can’t take your bike inside, make sure you use heavy chains ― threaded through both wheels and the frame – and a thick padlock to secure it to the rack.

Don’t be an easy target this summer. Make sure you and your property are safe.

Submitting Claims

If the worst does happen and your property is stolen, call the police to file a report and reach out to your insurance agent regarding your coverage of the stolen items.


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